I m so proud of my great friend Malgorzata Wisniewska,
lhasa apso kennel Zloty Pies from Polland. She owned 3
of or males, and showing them with great results. ​
I want to say thank you so much Malgorzata, and afcourse her husband Rob.


They are the owners of Close To Perfection And Beyoned,
Again and Gooder.

Close To Perfection Again (Elvis) Owner Malgorzata Wisniewska

International, Croatia, Romania, Cuprus, Moldava, Montenegro,Balkan,Mediterranen, marcedonia,
Azerbyan Champion.
German CTA Champion, Bundessieger Austria"11
Polisch, Romania, Croatia Junior Champion
Polisch Winner 2010.

Close To Perfection And Beyoned (Jesmar) Owner Malgorzata Wisniewska

​International, Romania, Polisch, Bulgaria,Turkey,
Ukraiana,Philipippenes, Georgia Champion
Black Sea Winner 2010, Junior Leipzig Winner
2010, German VDH, Luxembourg, Junior Champion. Europian Junior Winner 2010
Austria Junior Winner 2010
Grand Champion Romania and Bulgaria

Close To Perfection Gooder Owner Malgorzata Wisniewska

Int, Montenegro, Azerbyan, Cyprus, Marcedonia, Moldova, Balkan, Ch Meditteranean, Bulgaria,
Turkey, Ukraine, Philippines, Georgia Champion
Black Sea Winner 2012, Leipzig Winner 2012
Polisch, Romania, Croatia, German Junior Champ
German CTA Club Champion
Junior Winner Leipzig 2011
Junior Winner Poland 2011
Junior Winner Austria 2011.